TOP 5 documentaries

  1.  Hunting Grounds             

This one is great because i did this one. Also its really interesting to see how colleges don’t really care about their students so this is to the ones looking for colleges

2.   Citizen Four

This one is interesting due to the fact that this guy snitched on the whole government. If that doesn’t sell you then i don’t know what will

   3. Super size Me

This one is just a certified classic.

        4.  Blackfish

This talks about a killer killer whale and the behavior of animals in captivity

            5. Bowling For Columbine

This is interesting too but the guy narrating the whole thing is just plain annoying (to me)



Black History Month

Busta Rhymes is an American rapper, actor, record producer and record executive. Busta is influencial because he influenced the way music videos were made. Before busta was on the scene music videos were pretty plaun but busta said that was boring and switched it up. If you look up the music video for “Woo Ha!” you see the weird quirky stuff that no rapper would ever do. You see him bouncing like he’s made of rubber, saturated colors, arms flailing all over the place, playing with his dreads, fish eye’d lens, shouting at his kid. You’ll never see anything like this in another video his manic energy made him who he is. Too many rappers wouldn’t do that because they will think its not cool to do so but busta dives in and makes an originalness that yet to be unmatched. He also made one of the most expensive videos ever made it’s called “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” and if you look at it you’ll clearly see why. From “Gimme Some More” to “Woo Ha!”  there can be no one like busta and probably will never be anyone who can match his manic energy or his creativity.

Social Research Topic

What is your social issue?
Why is it such a social issue? What do people disagree about in relation to this topic?
What is your proposed solution? Why do you think this is the best solution?
What are pros to your solution?
What are cons to your solution?
Any questions to your audience members for help on your topic? (Need to post at least 2 questions)

My social issue is should women have the right to get abortions? This is a controversial topic as abortions deal with the life of a unborn life something that didn’t even get the chance to get to see the world or even get to see the people who made them. But the people carrying the baby is also at risk emotionally and physically. There’s times that maybe somebody raped her or that baby will kill her if she pushed. That’s the controversy that face the many Americans should a life be killed to save another one? My solution is to give them the right but it should be limited to the time that baby starts to get the vital organs or starts to breathe. As this gives the two sides a right to get rid of the baby and to keep it. But somethings that are not accounted for is the date, maybe the baby will kill the mother before the legal right to kill it or after. What do you think should the baby live or die? What is your solution?


Best 3 Super Bowl commercials this year




The purpose to inform how great Busta Rhymes is to a burning house down the audience is people that are adults cause they are the ones that know who Busta Rhymes is.

The purpose of this Super Bowl commercial is to persuade people that Busta Rhymes can teach Tyrion Lannister “How much wood can a wood chuck could if a wood chuck could chuck wood?” This is to young adults who know who Peter Dinklage is and have atleast an idea who Busta Rhymes is

This Super Bowl commercial is to inform about Danny DeVitos life as a trans-Sugar and how the struggle of living that lives comes nobody wants to eat you and you get runover by garbage trucks which if you think about it is what these people have to face time to time the anger, the hate, the disappointing faces other m&m’s give to a fellow human and candy hybrid this is what society does today and how bad they treat people who are different not even that special in their own entire way thanks to this commercial it gives light to these type’s of issues to show America that there’s issues that need changing to make this country great maybe this is what Trump wanted all along he wanted us to bond together and make lives happier and free and of course beautiful like these people. The audience to this great American message is the whole entire American Nation young and old humans and toffee.

Play- Doh Creation

I made this creation about somebody who is special to me. This person made me realize how great life can be and how to enjoy it with all your heart. I choose to make this because this person is my world to me everything I am i owe to this person and I know that I can’t pay back everything this person has done to me. This person is my world my cinnamon apple the sweetest person in the whole entire world maybe even the galaxy. This person made my dark gloom life find light again. This activity can relate to the writing process because you have to write the things that are for you. Like, this activity can make you write the things that you are passionate about and the things that are matter to you and everything that affects you and everything around you. This also affects the audience as the audience has to be invested and a reason to care about and if you write it from something that you care about it makes it easier to write and easier to convince people that this topic does matter and it should matter to the audience. The audience can’t be intrigued or be bothered to care if you don’t care. Brainstorming also can compare to this as you have to think before you write. Thinking about writing before makes you think and correct any errors you may have in the paper as mistakes such as grammar can take out the reader from being interested

Social Issues In The United States

In the websites ISIDEWITH I decided on should it be illegal to burn the American flag?. In the United States 41% decided yes and 59% decided no. The 41% said that is disrespectful to burn any flag. While the 59% said that is a violation of the first amendment. In Illinois 39% says yes and 61% said no while in chicago says 34% yes and 64% says no. Both of these sides are right in their own right they both care about the fact that we both want liberty. One says that that is disrespectful to all the things that America went through and you over there burning it to ashes. The other side is saying its a free country and we can freely protest however we want and its protected under the first amendment of free speech and we can protest whatever way we can please. Which one is the wrong side is up to you and your views of the flag. The United States is a great place to be do we want to make it better or separate it more and thus causing brother to hate on brother again. If you want to protest something that you feel is wrong about your country you can but how far do you want to go?

Thanksgiving in America

Thanksgiving Started out when the Pilgrims came from Europe most from England and landed in Plymouth Rock and in a new world. They started out as farmers and poor. In the first years they were unsuccessful to start out and may have died if they did not have any help so they got the natives and helped them to survive in new territory. So they made it into a celebration for surviving a long time. My family being from Mexico we never celebrated thanksgiving so when we got here it was strange to us but we still did it and we started to do it ever since. I’m grateful for everything that has happened to me and everything that is going to happen to me because everything that happened since everything happens for me to learn about it. I’m grateful i’m alive and well and live in a good house and a good place and go to a well school.